Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Learning goal

My learning goal is writing. I chose this goal because at you can reared my skill of writing are not that good. I get frustrate in does grade because I was in advance classes and in that classes everybody was a “gringo” and I was the only one that was a “normal”. The thing in writing that frustrate the most was that my teacher said that why have to writing with participle past and I don’t now who to use that. She even said to my that tried to writ a very sot sentences, I field like a retarded because she tread me like I was from other planet. I not like to take class with that women.

The plan that I have to meet my goal is use the learning activities that offer in the laboratory and in black board. Some of the activities are Writing Den: The wolf, in that activities you can learned who to write a vocabulary, sentences or paragraph, is a very complete link and it have videos and is entertain. Other link is Master Spell what I have to do in this link is that I eared a word and I have to written and it correct you in the moment this link is very entertain because it have a buho and it so funny when you are wrong the buho are like angry with you and it is so funny. The other activities that a have in my mien is that I can chat with some one that now English and then I will learn from that person.

My expectation number one expectation is that I can write a vocabulary correctly and then I can write sentences with a coherent. The next step that I expect to do is write a paragraph correct with out use some help of a dictionary or that the computer help my with my writing.